Osklen culture of sustainable consumption

Osklen is a brazilian “premium” brand of sportswear clothing. Oskar Metsavaht who is the owner and Creative Director is leading fashion in South America and around the world.

Delicate cloths with simple, clean and pure forms, fabrics as linen, blended knitting, nylon, cotton sweat and silk, predominantly white and natural colors, black and gold with points of light in red, purple and green! for more info or shop online visit www.osklen.com

He is also a creator of tje Instituto-e of Rio de Janeiro is a civil society organization of public interest for human sustainable development in Brazil. The idea is to pursue the social , enviromental footprint of the Osklen products life cycle, starting from an “organic cotton t-shirt”.

The project encompasses also other sectors, with the aim of bulding a culture of sustainable consumption. Analysis of raw materials, impacts of production processes and biodiversity conservation. info: http://institutoe.org.br/novo/

Some pictures of his collection Royal Black. He pays tribute to the influences and aesthetics of the African culture in Brazil in a casual chic style.

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