Little Sculptures with Particular Charm

Rose Earrings

Livia Canuto is a Jewellery Designer from Rio de Janeiro, which seeks not only the material value of the metal, but the concept and design.

Bouquet Ring

In her studio located in Leblon an affluent neighbourhood  in the southern zone of Rio, Livia and her staff make small sculptures without following trends or fads. Ateliê Lívia Canuto also offers Goldsmith courses and a laboratory for those who have already experienced like me and is very nice!

Is an space full of Bossa, (In Brazil, the word “bossa” is slang for doing something with particular charm, natural flair or innate ability and Bossa Nova is a style of Brazilian music, a lyrical fusion of samba and jazz).

Garden Ring

Each piece carries a history, an affection, as she explains; “My jewels are like little sculptures to adorn those who want them. Consider it essential to the process of creation in banking and contact with the metal. Of play with paper cutouts, and clay modeling, shapes are emerging for future jewelry. The work is essentially playful and romantic”.

Livia Canuto

“Minhas joias são como pequenas esculturas para ornar quem as desejam. Considero essencial o processo de criação na banca e o contato com o metal. Da brincadeira com recortes de papel e massinha de modelar, vão surgindo formas para as futuras joias. O trabalho é essencialmente lúdico e romântico.”

For more information about Livia’s work visit her website  or follow her on facebook Ateliê Lívia Canuto.

2 thoughts on “Little Sculptures with Particular Charm

  1. So, here: Love her — I own the rose earrings, the queen of cups ring and a wood and pearl bracelet from the “Era uma casa” collection…


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