Granado, cosmetic natural products from Rio

Granado is a cosmetics brand and the oldest apothecary in Brazil, was founded in 1870 by the Portuguese José Antonio Granado. In its earliest the pharmacy products were handled with extracts from plants, herbs and flowers grown on the farm of its founder, in Teresópolis located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, in a mountainous region known as Região Serrana.

The quality and effectiveness of the products made the pharmacy the Official Brazilian Pharmacy of the Royal Family.

Therefore, Granado intends to continue growing in association with nature and, above all, offer quality products with proven effectiveness, in order to promote wellness and balance between body and mind.




Castanha do Brazil


Castahna Scrub

Granado not only cares about the research, they also pay attention to the image. In fact, I love their boutiques and packaing.

Granado Boutique

When you are in a Granado boutique is like a sensory experience, exotic parfums and delicate textures stimulates your senses.

Another thing that I adore is that all their products have a lovely vintage style packaging as you can see…

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