A special birthday gift from LV and MJ

Last month, my husband and I were in Paris celebrating my birthday, i have lost count of how many times i’ve been in Paris, but for me it is always so magic, so romantic, so adorable, so and so and so…..

We were having an aperitif  at La Rotonde Bar when suddenly he tells me that we should go to see Louis Vuitton, I was so excited and I thought… let’s choose my gift !!!!! as you can imagine I was ready to go immediately!

Then, we took the subway “metro” and we stopped at Palais Royal station…. I said to myself there’s no LV boutique around the corner????…….  I just follow him and we arrived at the Museum of Les Arts Décoratifs and he said to me voilà!

And voilà! we were at the main entrance of Louis Vuitton- Marc Jacobs exhibition… Nice try baby! Anyway I was super happy and excited to be there!

Here are some pics from undercoverd agent She’s got the Mood. (pictures were NOT allowed.)

The display paid tribute to the iconic fashion house’s and presents the parallel stories of the brand’s two personalities Vuitton-Jacobs. I thought it was very interesting beacause it underlines their individual contributions to fashion and highlights the brand’s history up to today.

The exhibition runs until 16 September 2012 so if you are in Paris do not missed!!!

10 thoughts on “A special birthday gift from LV and MJ

  1. Pero no dices, que el regalo fue llevarte de paseo a Paris, a la costa Italiana y a Madrid. Que belleza de fotos yo me contento cualquiera de los articulos que estan en vitrina. Felicidades. Un abrazo


  2. Todo está sensacional, felicitaciones y que nos sigas alimentando el ojo con cosas tan bellas. Un gran abrazo.


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