Discovering Buenos Aires Part 2

San Telmo and Puerto Madero

San Telmo is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, is a bohemian distric and is famous for its art galleries, artisan workshops, tango halls and restaurants and on Sundays you can not miss “la Feria de San Telmo”.

Tango live music at Humberto 1 Street

Nuestra Senora de Belen Church

All kind of antiques stalls

Antique Dolls

Carlos Gardel’s soul is alive in every corner

Antique pieces

I want all of them!!!!

Ringggg………Hello???  An Iphone? what is that?

Antique Bottles

Artesanos Market

Local fruits at Historic Municipal Market 1890, designed by Italian Architect Juan Antonio Buschiazzo

Puerto Madero

is one of the newest neighborhoods and was the main port in Buenos Aires. Now is a place were you can take a walk along the docks and is plenty of cafes and restaurants we went to see a tango show and my husband Luigi wanted to be part of the cast as you can see!

Ready for the show

Lovely view of Puerto Madero

See you soon with us on Part 3!

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